Some knowledge points of die casting processing, die casting processing manufacturers tell you

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2023-03-17 11:20

Die-casting processing manufacturers believe that die-casting processing is a metal casting process. The principle is that under high pressure, liquid or semi-liquid metal fills the mold cavity at high speed, and then forms and solidifies under pressure to obtain castings. The mold is usually made of a stronger alloy, a process somewhat similar to injection molding. Die casting machines can be divided into two different types: hot chamber die casting machines and cold chamber die casting machines. The difference is in how much force they can withstand. Typical pressure ranges are between 400 and 4,000 tons.

Die-casting processing manufacturers believe that the cost of die-casting processing equipment and molds is high, so die-casting processing is generally suitable for batch manufacturing of small and medium-sized castings, which are widely used in automobiles, instrumentation, agricultural machinery, electronics, national defense, medical equipment and other fields. Die casting is widely used in various casting processes and is an effective way to achieve less chips and no chips. Compared with other casting technologies, die-cast products have a higher surface finish and higher dimensional consistency, which is suitable for the production of precision parts with complex shapes and thin walls.

Die casting processing manufacturers believe that the characteristics of die casting processing

1. High dimensional accuracy and good surface finish. Die-casting processing manufacturers believe that the dimensional accuracy of castings is high, generally equivalent to 6~7 grades, and even up to 4 levels; The surface finish is good, generally equivalent to 5~8 grades; The strength is generally 25-30% higher than that of sand casting; Dimensionally stable and interchangeable; Can die-cast thin-walled complex castings. For example, the wall thickness of zinc alloy die castings can reach 0.3mm; aluminum alloy castings can reach 0.5mm; the casting aperture is not less than 0.7mm; and the spacing is not less than 0.75mm.

2. High production efficiency. Die casting manufacturers believe that the production process is easy to mechanize and automate. Generally, the cold chamber die casting machine casts an average of 50-90 times per hour, and the hot chamber die casting machine casts an average of 400-900 times per hour. In addition, die-casting can directly cast internal structures, such as wire sheaths, heating elements, high-strength support surfaces, etc.

3. The economic effect is very good. Die-casting processing manufacturers believe that due to the accurate size of die-casting parts and high surface quality, they can be used directly without processing, which improves the utilization rate of metals, reduces a large number of processing equipment and working hours, and saves processing costs. In addition, other metallic or non-metallic materials can be combined for die casting, saving both assembly time and metal materials.

Die casting processing manufacturers believe that the advantages and disadvantages of die casting processing:


1) Good product quality. Die-casting processing manufacturers believe that due to the fast thermal conduction of the die-casting mold, the fast cooling of the metal, crystallization under pressure, the grain structure of the casting is small, and the surface is solid, which improves the strength and hardness of the casting. In addition, the casting is dimensionally stable and has good interchangeability, which can produce thin-walled complex parts.

2) High productivity, many die-casting times;

3) Good economic benefits. The machining allowance of die casting is small, and it can be used only for finishing and reaming, saving a lot of raw materials, processing equipment and man-hours.


1) Die-casting processing manufacturers believe that the die-casting mold has a complex structure, high manufacturing cost, long preparation cycle, and is only suitable for mass production of molded products;

2) Die-casting manufacturers believe that the high speed of die-casting makes it difficult to completely discharge the gas in the cavity. In addition, the metal mold solidifies quickly in the mold, which makes it practically impossible to supply shrinkage. As a result, castings are prone to fine holes and shrinkage. The thicker the wall of the casting, the more serious this defect is. Therefore, die casting is generally only suitable for castings with a wall thickness of less than 6mm;

3) Die casting has low plasticity and is not suitable for working under shock load and vibration;

4) In addition, when die-casting high melting point alloy, the mold life is short, which affects the promotion and application of die-casting production.



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