Experience in structural design of aluminum alloy die castings

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2023-03-17 11:09

 Experience in structural design of aluminum alloy die castings;

1. Considering the wall thickness problem, in order to avoid uneven thickness (which has a great impact on filling), the thickness can be checked through software.

2. Considering the peeling problem, the inclination angle of the inner cavity is recommended to be more than 1.5 degrees. When conditions permit, the larger the draft angle, the more tensile forces can be effectively avoided.

3. Avoid the appearance of complex structures of mold structure as much as possible from the structure, and be concise and clear.

4. The choice of material is ADC12 or AlSi12Fe, etc., depending on whether there are anti-corrosion requirements.

5. If thin-walled features are required, they may not be too thin. Stiffeners must be set to increase bending capacity, and the thickness of stiffeners is 0.6 ~ 1T.

6. For aluminum alloy, the temperature and pressure of the mold are much larger than plastic, and the accuracy requirements for the design are very strict. Even a good mold material, once there is a weld, will have a significant impact on the life of the mold. Zinc alloy and plastic are similar, and the mold life is relatively good.

7. There can be no concave sharp corners, to avoid sharp iron on the mold, easy to appear chipping angles.

8. The accuracy of die casting is relatively high, but it is worse than plastic, the inclination force is greater than plastic, and the general structure cannot be too complicated.

9. Aluminum alloy die-casting parts are easy to cause pores, especially they may appear on the CNC machining surface, which requires special attention.

10. Have you considered the approximate position of the peeling thimble? Thimbles are usually defined by the supplier and are recommended to be machined when placed on functional surfaces.

11. Is it reasonable for the slider to flow out of the surface? The parting surface (parting line) imsulates the slide from complex fillet features, making the slide easier to peel off and post-processed (burr edges caused by splitting, etc.) easier to clean. );

12. Aluminum alloy die-casting parts are not allowed to have an inverted structure;

13. Are the designed parts fully considered minimizing the number of inserts and sliders?

14. When multiple parts are formed together, do the reserved (alternative) features meet the requirements? whether the insertion area/insertion area splitting takes into account the boundary effect;

15. For the deflector design, the PCBA screw fixing boss (the boss is larger than 30 mm) increases the deflector, can the height of the deflector meet the charging requirements?

16. External structure round, sharp structure to avoid personal injury to the assembler. (especially the final digital model, which requires external fillet processing); Generally, the outline fillet is minimum R2/the channel internal feature conversion area fillet is minimum R2;

17. For parts that require surface processing, the processing flow should be considered when designing parts, and the rest of 0.8mm is best not greater than. (This should also be considered in cases where there is a risk of supplier overcutting.) )

18. For the wall thickness, if the area is greater than 500cm, the minimum wall thickness standard of the relief can be maintained *0.9 (such as 2.25/20x25 (ordinary 2.5)).

19. Stiffeners must be installed on the force structure, and the stiffeners must be set to the direction of aluminum filling.

20. Positioning pins are not supported, only for positioning. The dowel pin position is typically 0.5mm lower than the threaded hole mounting surface.

21. If labeling is required, the relevant features must be designed so that the label is applied correctly (upside down, not crooked).

22. Machining and blank surface 0.5x30 chamfer to improve the soft burr after processing.

23. If the aluminum alloy die casting has air tightness requirements, the thread hole position should be checked for wall thickness (considering the deviation between the machine and the die casting, it is recommended that the remaining wall thickness is not less than 3mm).


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