Aluminum alloy die casting characteristics

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2023-03-17 11:09

Alloy die casting is a casting method in which molten alloy liquid is poured into a pressure chamber and fills the hollow of the steel mold at high speed, which is a casting method in which the alloy liquid solidifies under pressure to form castings. The main features that distinguish die casting from other casting methods are high pressure and high speed.

(1) The molten metal is filled with the master mold kernel under pressure and crystallized and solidified at higher pressure. The general pressure is 15100MPa.

(2) Molten metal fills the cavity at high speed, generally 1050 m/s, and some is more than 80 m/s (gate speed within the linear speed of the cavity introduced through the internal gate), so the filling time of molten metal is very short, about 0.010.2 seconds (depending on the size of the casting). Die-casting machinery, die-casting alloy and die-casting mold have three kinds of die-casting production Die-casting process is to organically integrate these three elements to regularly and efficiently produce appearance, intrinsic quality good size, qualified castings that meet the requirements of patterns or agreements, and even high-quality castings.

Fluidity of alloy die casting

Fluidity refers to the ability of alloy liquids to fill a mold. The size of the fluidity determines whether the alloy can cast complex castings. The fluidity of the process alloy in the aluminum alloy* * is very good.

The factors affecting fluidity are mainly the composition, temperature and solid phase particles of metal oxides, metal compounds and other pollutants in the alloy liquid, but the fundamental factors of the outside are the level of pouring temperature and pouring pressure (commonly known as pouring pressure).

In the case of determining the alloy in actual production, in addition to strengthening the smelting process (refining and slag removal), it is also necessary to improve the casting process (private type air permeability, metal type mold exhaust and temperature), and increase the pouring temperature to ensure the fluidity of the alloy without affecting the quality of the casting.


Aluminum and aluminum alloys are materials processed into a certain shape, including plates, strips, foils, pipes, bars, wires, profiles, etc., collectively known as aluminum.

Many features of the pressure casting process show great advantages in improving the accuracy level, production efficiency, surface quality and other aspects of non-ferrous metal alloy castings. With the development of automobiles, motorcycles and other industries, improve the quality of die casting, save energy consumption, reduce pollution and other design requirements, the application range of non-ferrous metal alloy die casting, especially light alloy (aluminum and magnesium alloy) die casting, is expanding rapidly. According to data, the use of aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy castings instead of steel castings in industrialized countries has become an important development trend. At present, die casting is one of the most widely used processes in the automotive aluminum alloy molding process, accounting for 49% of various automotive molding process methods.

Since the 90s of the 20th century, China's non-ferrous metal die-casting industry has achieved amazing development and has become an emerging industry. At present, there are about 3,000 non-ferrous metal die-casting enterprises in the country, and the output of die-casting has risen from 266,000 tons in 1995 to 870,000 tons in 2005, with an average annual growth rate of 12.58%, of which aluminum alloy die-casting accounts for more than three-quarters of all die-casting output. With the improvement of technical level and product development capabilities, the types and application fields of aluminum alloy die-casting products have been expanding, and the types of alloys, die-casting equipment, die-casting molds and die-casting processes have undergone great changes.

New development of aluminum alloy die casting

Since the commercial production of die-cast aluminum alloys in 1914, with the development of the automobile industry and the invention of cold chamber casting machines, the types of alloys have been rapidly developed. Die-cast aluminum alloys can be divided into medium and low strength (such as China's Y102) and high strength (such as China's Y112) according to their properties. At present, the die-casting aluminum alloy used in the industry is mainly composed of several main series: AL-51, AL-MG, AL-SI-CU, AL-SI-MG, AI-SI-CU-MG, AL-ZN The main die-cast aluminum series used in developed countries in industry.


Alloy die casting

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