Die casting company: detailed explanation of the structure, motion principle and maintenance of the die casting machine

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2023-03-17 11:08

First, the structure of the die casting machine is mainly composed of opening and closing die structure, injection structure and power control system.

(1) Mold clamping

The die-casting company said that the opening and closing mold and the clamping machine are collectively called the clamping machine, which is the opening and closing mechanism that drives the die-casting part of the die-casting mold moving mold. The force that pushes the moving mold to close the mold is called the closing force. Due to the pressure during molding, the closed die-casting mold may still expand, so the clamping mechanism has the function of locking the die-casting. The force of locking the die-casting mold is called the clamping force, which is generally equal to or less than 85% of the rated clamping force of the die-casting machine, and the opening force is 1/8-1/16 of the clamping force, which changes randomly.

(2) Injection

The injection mechanism is the key component to realize the die casting process, the main function is to fill the mold cavity with metal hydraulics, and its structural properties determine the injection speed, pressurization time and other main parameters in the die casting process.

(3) Power control system

Hydraulic systems, power components, motors, PLC control systems, various electrical components and circuits, etc. It mainly powers the machine, ensuring that the machine works according to the predetermined pressure, speed, temperature and time.

Second, the principle of die casting process

(1) Characteristics of die casting

Die casting companies say that during the die casting process, the pressure acting on the liquid metal is not constant, but changes with the injection stage. First, the injection punch advances at speed V1 until the molten aluminum fills the gate in the full pressure chamber, the pressure on the molten aluminum is lower, and it is only used to overcome the frictional resistance between the runner and the injection punch; Secondly, under the action of the injection punch, molten aluminum will completely fill the entire cavity, and the speed of the injection punch will reach V2. Before the end of stage 2, molten aluminum creates a water hammer effect due to the inertia of the injection mechanism, which increases the pressure; The third stage: The main task of this stage is to establish pressure and solidify the casting under pressure P3, so as to achieve the purpose of compacting the casting. The die casting company said that if the metal in the casting system is still in liquid and semi-solid state, pressure P3 will be transferred to the solidified casting, reducing shrinkage holes and bubbles in the casting and improving the surface quality of the casting.

(2) Die casting speed

Die casting speed refers to the speed of the hydraulic pressure in the injection cylinder of the die casting machine to push the injection punch forward, filling speed refers to the speed of molten aluminum entering the cavity through the inner gate under pressure, can not be too high or too low, because too low will make the casting outline unclear or even unable to form, if too high, will cause sticking mold, casting holes and other problems.


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