Die casting mold is an important process equipment in die casting production

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2023-03-17 11:02

Die casting mold is an important process equipment in die casting production. The molten metal is cooled and solidified in a die-casting mold, and finally die-cast. The shape, size, quality, and smoothness of die casting production are closely related to die casting molds, so it is important to design die casting molds correctly and reasonably, so let's understand that die casting molds are important process equipment in die casting production!  

First, the basic structure of the die-casting mold

The commonly used die-casting mold consists of two half molds, which are called fixed molds and movable molds. There are also more complex die-casting molds. There are more than two half-types.

The functions of the components of the die casting mold are as follows.

1) The sprue leads to the pressure chamber or runner, including the gate bushing and shunt cone.

2) The channel where the alloy liquid of the pouring system enters the cavity. Including straight runners, cross runners, etc.

3) The cavity forms the geometry of die-casting on the insert.

4) The core pulling mechanism completes the pull-out and insertion action of the movable core, including slides, sliders, cylinders and slashes.

5) Discharge gas from the overflow system, or store cold metal residue, etc.

6) The temperature control system controls the temperature of the die-casting mold, including cooling water pipe and heating oil pipe, etc.

Second, the design of die-casting mold

When designing a die-casting mold, pay attention to the following points:

1) As far as possible, the advanced and simple structure is adopted to ensure stable action, high reliability, and convenient daily maintenance and maintenance.

2) Taking into account the possibility of modification of the gating system, the necessary modifications can be made in the adjustment.

3) Reasonable selection of various tolerances, scale and processing margins to ensure reliable module matching and required die-casting accuracy.

4) Choose the right mold material and reliable heat treatment technology to ensure the life of the die-casting mold.

5) It has sufficient rigidity and strength, can withstand mold clamping pressure and rising mold force, and does not deform in die-casting production.

When designing the mold, calculate the total projection area and injection specific pressure in die casting production according to the projection area of the casting, and select the die-casting machine with the appropriate tonnage.

After selecting the die-casting machine, according to the size of the die-casting machine, such as the dynamic and static plate and the injection eccentric position of the die-casting machine, design the size of the mold size, the center position, the hole position of the return rod and other dimensions connected with the die-casting machine.

With the development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, more and more auto parts are made of magnesium aluminum alloy. For example, cylinder blocks, covers, oil pans and various connection brackets of automobile engines.

With the maturity of die-casting technology, automobile manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the internal quality of die-casting, and the engine die-casting products of each model have corresponding technical requirements, and the requirements for product porosity are the requirements required by each component.

The structure of some parts is very complex, and in order to achieve mass die-casting production, it is necessary to establish the corresponding structure on the mold. For example, there are threaded holes at multiple angles on the part, and in order to ensure the quality of the processed product, the core needs to be made at the corresponding position of the mold.

Third, the system design of die casting process

After designing the large frame of the mold, we move on to the design of the gating system, which used to be to observe the two- or three-dimensional pattern and make this part based on practical experience. In production, the position and orientation of the straight runner are adjusted according to the internal quality of the product. In recent ten years, with the development of numerical simulation technology of casting filling solidification process and the market demand of the casting industry, casting process simulation commercialization software emerges endlessly, many OEMs have also seen the die casting process before designing the mold, and the design of the original design of the three-dimensional introduction into the program, after setting the parameters of the die casting process, the simulation software requires a simulation image close to the actual production effect after a certain calculation.

The die casting process requires simulation to achieve the following effects.

1) The alloy liquid should reach the straight runner at the same time.

2) During the filling process, the alloy liquid should be filled smoothly.

3) No curling or turbulence should occur during the filling process.

4) Before the filling is completed, the alloy liquid shall not close the channel of the slag package.

According to the requirements of filling simulation, particle tracking simulation and die-casting process, the position and size of the mold runner and slag collection package must be optimized accordingly; Through the solidification simulation and the wall thickness of the casting, the cooling water and heating tubing in the mold and the position of spot cooling can be determined; By simulating the erosion of the mold, it is possible to decide where to focus on the mold.

Through simulation analysis, the manual optimization process of gate and slag collection encapsulation is solved in the design, and the mold correction process caused by experience deviation in the mold manufacturing process is saved.

The above introduction is that the die casting mold is an important process equipment in the production of die casting, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!


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