The difference between die casting and lost wax casting process

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2023-03-17 11:00

Both die casting and lost wax casting processes are precision casting, which are very different and are two completely different casting processes. Die casting is to inject the dissolved molten metal into the steel mold on the die casting machine, and extrude it with the die casting machine, the process is relatively simple, suitable for non-ferrous metal small objects with low melting point. The so-called lost wax casting, simply put, is to first make a wax mold, and then make a shell on the wax mold to melt the wax mold, and finally put the molten metal into the shell after the wax mold is melted and solidified. The technology is complex, suitable for small and medium-sized castings of various alloys. So, let's understand the difference between die casting and lost wax casting processes!  Production cost input:

Die casting: The biggest disadvantage of die casting is the high cost. Die casting machines and mold mold related components are more expensive than other casting methods. Therefore, it is economical to produce a large number of products when manufacturing die casting.

Lost wax casting: Lost wax casting investment is small, the whole process can be replaced by manual or automated equipment, but compared with die casting, even if a complete set of automation equipment is used, the cost of lost wax casting is 4-6 times lower than die casting.

Differences in application areas:

Die casting: This process is only suitable for metals with strong fluidity, and the casting quality must be between 30 grams and 10 kg.

Lost wax casting: The production of precision casting technology by lost wax method can be mass-produced, which can not only ensure the consistency of castings, but also avoid the stress concentration of the remaining cutting ribs after machining.

Advantages and disadvantages:

Die casting: Due to the huge input cost, it is economical when mass production is required. In the usual die casting, the last cast casting group must have voids. Therefore, the gas in the gap expands due to heat, causing minor defects inside and peeling off the surface, so heat treatment and welding are not possible. There are usually sand holes and burrs in die casting, and the amount of post-processing is large.

Lost wax casting: Because lost wax casting castings have high dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, the workload of machining can be reduced. However, the parts can leave a little room for processing in the high parts, and some castings only need to be polished and grinded, and can be used without machining. It can be seen that the use of melting precision casting method can greatly save the equipment and processing hours of machine tools, and greatly save metal raw materials.

The production of products by this method has the advantages of high production efficiency, simple process, high casting tolerance level, good surface roughness, large mechanical strength, and can save a lot of machining processes and equipment, and has become an important part of China's casting industry.

Die-casting process is a process of organic combination of three elements of die-casting machine, die and alloy. The process of filling the cavity with metal during die casting is the process of unifying process elements such as pressure, speed, temperature and time. At the same time, these technical factors influence each other, constrain each other and complement each other. Only by correctly selecting and adjusting these elements in harmony can the desired results be achieved. Therefore, in die casting, we must pay attention to the technicality of the casting structure, the advanced nature of die casting, the performance and structure of the die casting machine, the selection adaptability of die casting alloy and the standardization of melting technology; More attention should be paid to the important role of process parameters such as pressure, temperature and time in the quality of castings. In the die casting process, attention must be paid to the effective control of these parameters.

The above introduction is the difference between die casting and lost wax casting process, if you need to know more, you can feel free to contact us!


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