Die casting is a commonly used metal casting process

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2023-03-17 10:59

Die casting is a commonly used metal casting technology, the use of mold cavity to apply high pressure to the molten metal, to obtain the mold cavity shape consistent with the metal material, then, let's understand that die casting is a commonly used metal casting process!

Features of the die casting process:

The molds used in die casting processing are usually machined with alloy materials with higher strength than the parts to be machined, a process similar to injection molding. The cost of casting equipment and molds is generally high, so it is not suitable for processing a small number of parts.

Common features of mold part design:

In the mold design output, the three-dimensional shape describes the mold structure as the basis for CNC machining, and the two-dimensional drawing is used as the basis for the design of the part processing technology. Therefore, the design of mold parts requires the output of two-dimensional drawings of mold parts.

Identification and determination of standards:

The design standards of mold parts include two aspects: part standards and processing standards. Part datums represent the component faces of a part, and machining datums must typically match part datums.

Identification and determination of partnerships:

Since the mold is a combination of parts, identifying the mutual cooperation relationship between the parts of the mold and ensuring its matching accuracy is one of the important purposes of process design.

Meet manufacturing accuracy:

Manufacturing accuracy refers to the extent to which the actual size, shape and position of the three geometric parameters of the surface of the part after processing are consistent with the ideal geometric parameters required by the drawing.

Selection of process method and processing route:

The processing technology of die-casting mold parts, due to the characteristics of die-casting technology, such as high-temperature molten metal, high-speed and high-pressure forming process, etc., also has some special technical requirements.

1. Since the mold parts work in a high temperature environment, the ratio of the working part of the mold work will change to a certain extent compared with the room temperature.

2. Due to the different geometric complexity of each part of the mold, the thermal expansion coefficient of the reserved cavity may change locally, thus affecting the change of die casting size, and it is necessary to ensure the processing margin, and process it again after trial production.

Die casting is a pressurized molten metal, so an ultra-smooth surface can be formed on the casting. When molten metal is forced into the cavity, it is completely filled to smooth the surface.

Another benefit of die casting is that it minimizes the need for finishing operations. Other types of casting techniques often use machinery to complete casting, and performing secondary machining operations is time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, die casting reduces the need for this operation. Most of the time, castings can leave the factory immediately after the casting process is completed.

Compared with other casting technologies, die casting is a bit more expensive, and the purchase and maintenance cost of the casting machine required is high, even if relatively cheap zinc is used as a casting material, the cost is high.

Die casting can also produce defects such as flow marks, watermarks, abrasions, dents, etc.

The above introduction is that die casting is a commonly used metal casting process, if you need to know more, you can contact us at any time!


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