Analysis of vacuum die-casting technology

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2023-03-16 17:29

Vacuum die-casting function:

1. Eliminate or reduce the pores inside the product, improve the mechanical properties and surface quality of die castings;

2. Greatly reduce the back pressure of the cavity, accelerate the liquid flow speed and improve the filling conditions;

3. With the increasing number of structural parts products, the control of porous defects is becoming more and more stringent, the higher the vacuum degree in the cavity when the molding mold is filled, and the concept of vacuum die-casting is gradually accepted and considered by die-casting enterprises.

Advantages of vacuum die casting production:

1. Before high-speed filling, 80~90% of the gas in the cavity has been discharged, and during the high-speed filling process, the probability of engulfment gas is low, and the risk of porosity in the casting is small;

2. The negative pressure is formed in the cavity, which has adsorption force on the molten metal, which can increase the fluidity of the molten metal, and has the most obvious effect on materials with poor fluidity such as pure aluminum and high thermal conductivity;

3. The filling pressure of vacuum die-casting is 30%~50% lower than that of ordinary die-casting, which greatly improves the mold life;

4. The quality proportion of the die-casting pouring system (runner, slag bag) is lower, and the return material is reduced by more than 20%, which effectively reduces the cost of die-casting.

Advantages of vacuum die castings:

1. Welding can be carried out;

2. The internal structure of the casting is dense and the air tightness is good;

3. The porosity is low, and there is basically no phenomenon of exposed pores after post-processing;

4. After surface treatment anodizing, electroplating, powder spraying, etc., the risk of defects such as surface blistering is low;

5. T6 heat treatment can be carried out to obtain high tensile strength, yield strength and good elongation and other mechanical properties.

Vacuum applicable process range:

1. Zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper die casting.

2. Semi-solid die casting, low pressure casting.

3. Liquid die forging, squeeze casting.

4. Plastic, resin molding, etc.

Scope of application of vacuum die casting:

1. High-strength structural parts

2. Airtight parts

3. Auto parts

4. Communication filter

5. Pure aluminum/anodized aluminum parts

6. Electroplated parts

7. Power tools

8. Other high-quality requirements die castings.


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