Analysis of factors affecting precision control in CNC machining process

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2023-03-16 17:25

CNC machining refers to a process method of processing parts on CNC machine tools, CNC machine tool processing and traditional machine tool processing process flow also have the same, but there are also obvious changes. CNC machining is mainly a machining method that uses digital information to control parts and tool displacement. It can effectively solve the problems of variable part quality, small batch, complex shape and high precision, and is also conducive to automatic processing and efficiency.

First, advantages

(1) The accuracy of the product can be improved

CNC machine tools in the process of mold processing are all using pre-set instruction codes for various processing, and the processing of various parts into a whole is also completed by machine automation, so the corresponding time cost will be reduced. In this way, in the manufacturing process of CNC machining, some serious improper operation problems caused by manual errors will be reduced, and the accuracy of the product will be greatly improved.

(2) The economic benefits of the manufacturing industry can be improved

CNC machining manufacturing technology is controlled by the operation of computer programs, so it can realize fully automated program operations. In this way, some repetitive operations or errors encountered in manual operation can be avoided, not only can ensure that the accuracy of processing technology meets the requirements, the qualified rate of processed products is relatively high, and the economic benefits will be improved. In addition, when using CNC machine tools for processing and manufacturing, it will also save many problems encountered in many links, such as the production of templates, etc., so that the production cost of manufacturing enterprises will be greatly reduced, and more economic profits will be obtained.

(3) The labor intensity of manual operation will be reduced

Traditional manufacturing technology will use a lot of human resources, and CNC machine tools are to realize the entire processing and manufacturing process to achieve numerical control and automation, operators only need to operate and switch in the computer according to the actual requirements can be completed. The labor intensity of manual operation will be greatly reduced, the whole operation process is very simple and convenient, and many technicians can easily do this work.

Second, the analysis of factors affecting precision control in the process of CNC machining

(1) There are problems in the design of CNC machine tools

The application and development of CNC machine tools has led to the increasing dependence of many personnel on CNC machine tools. Once the CNC machine tool itself has various problems and defects, the operator cannot find the problems in time, so the accuracy of the workpiece will be affected. In the current stage of CNC machining process, the stability performance of many CNC machine tools is low, and the corresponding technology is also very low, so it does not have reliability and will also interfere with accuracy. In the subsequent processing operations, the mechanical equipment is not regularly maintained and overhauled, and some equipment is still in use even after aging.

(2) There are problems in processing operations

In the process of CNC machining operations, improper processing by operators will also cause many problems, which will directly lead to insufficient accuracy of the workpiece. Some problems in processing operations are also relatively obvious, and most of the problems in these processing operations are caused by the professional skills and comprehensive quality of operators. With the rapid development of China's CNC machining industry, the level of processing technology is also rapidly improving, and the requirements for processing operators are also very high. However, in the process of processing operation at this stage, the operator's professional skills are not high, they are not very familiar with the operation process, and they do not pay enough attention to the processing operation process, which directly affects the accuracy of the workpiece.

(3) There are problems with the processing workpiece

In the process of CNC machining, there may be some workpieces caused by improper operation of the workpiece accuracy is not ideal, in the process of use can not play the maximum effect and value, all because of certain defects in accuracy. The defects of these machined workpieces are mainly manifested in, first, because the processed workpiece will have a lot of internal stress in the specific production process, which will directly lead to partial protrusion or deformation of the machinery, and once the mechanical deformation may lead to problems in the accuracy of the workpiece. Second, because in the process of CNC machining, some workpieces will be affected by heat in wear processing, and some expansion phenomena will occur in themselves, and expansion factors will also lead to insufficient accuracy of workpieces.


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