Machining operating procedures

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2023-03-16 17:02

First, the overview of machining operation procedures

This operating procedure provides specific and detailed instructions to all operators engaged in machining to ensure the quality of each machined part.

Second, the scope of application of machining operation regulations

This regulation describes in detail the specific operating instructions of the machining personnel during the work (including turning, milling, drilling, planing, grinding, shearing, etc.).

3. General principles of machining operation regulations

When machining various machine parts, machining must be carried out in accordance with this regulation.

Fourth, the implementation steps of machining operation regulations

All operators engaged in various machining must undergo safety technology training and pass the assessment before they can work.

1. Before operation:

Before going to work, it is necessary to strictly use protective equipment according to the regulations, tie the cuffs, do not wear scarves or gloves, the female worker should be held in the hat, and the operator must stand on the foot pedal.

Bolts, stroke limits, signals, safety protection (safety) devices, mechanical transmission parts, electrical parts and various lubrication points should be strictly checked, and can only be started after confirming reliability.

The safety voltage of various machine tools and lighting applications, the voltage shall not be greater than 36 volts.

2. In operation

Work, clamping, tools and workpieces must be clamped firmly, and all kinds of machine tools should first idle at low speed after starting, and then work officially after everything is normal.

It is forbidden to place tools and other items on the rail surface and table of the machine tool, it is forbidden to remove iron filings by hand, they should be cleaned with special tools.

Pay attention to the surrounding dynamics before starting the machine, and stand in a safe position after starting the machine to avoid the moving parts of the machine tool and the splash of iron filings.

When operating various types of machine tools, it is not allowed to adjust the speed change mechanism or stroke, nor to touch the working surface of transmission parts, workpieces in motion, tools and other working surfaces in machining with your hands. No dimensions are allowed to be measured during operation. It is forbidden to pass or take tools and other items through the transmission part of the machine tool.

If any abnormal sound is found, it should be stopped for maintenance immediately, and it should not be forced or sick to run, and the machine tool should not be overloaded.

When processing mechanical parts, the process discipline should be strictly implemented, see the drawings clearly, see the control points, roughness and technical requirements of relevant parts of each part, and determine the processing process of the production parts.

Adjust the speed of the machine tool, stroke, clamp the workpiece and tools, wipe the machine and other behaviors must be carried out after the shutdown, the machine is not allowed to leave the workbench when running, and the power must be stopped and cut off when leaving for some reason.

3. After operation

Processing raw materials, finished products, semi-finished products and scrap must be stacked in designated places, and all kinds of tools and knives must be kept intact and in good condition.

After operation, the power must be cut off, the tools removed, the handles placed in the neutral position, and then the electric gate box must be locked.

Clean the equipment hygienically, clean the iron filings, and fill the guide rail with lubricating oil to prevent rust.


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