Selection criteria for Suzhou gold processing manufacturers

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2023-03-16 16:58

The selection criteria of Suzhou gold processing manufacturers include the following:

1. Qualified product quality:

Qualified product quality is an important prerequisite for judging Suzhou gold processing manufacturers. Even if the price given by the manufacturer is low, but the product does not meet the requirements, it is unacceptable.

2. Lower cost:

Cost cannot be understood here as just the purchase price, because the cost includes not only the purchase price, but also everything that occurs during the use of raw materials or components.

3. Timely delivery:

Whether the manufacturer can deliver in time will directly affect whether the cooperation will continue in the later stage, so punctual delivery is also one of the factors to consider when choosing Suzhou gold processing manufacturers.

4. Good service level:

The overall service level of the manufacturer refers to the ability and attitude of the manufacturer's internal operation links to cooperate with the product purchasing enterprise, and the main indicators of the overall service level of Suzhou gold processing manufacturers are training services, installation services, warranty maintenance services, and technical support services.

5. Sound supply management system:

When evaluating whether Suzhou gold processing manufacturers meet the requirements, one of the important links is to see whether the corresponding quality system is adopted for quality and management, such as whether the enterprise has passed the IS09000 quality system certification, whether the internal staff has completed the work in accordance with the quality system, and whether its quality level meets the internationally recognized requirements stipulated by IS09000.

6. Perfect supply internal organization:

The internal organization and management of Suzhou gold processing manufacturers is related to the supply efficiency and service quality of the manufacturer in the future, if the internal organization of the manufacturer is set up chaotically, production efficiency and quality will decline, and even supply activities can not be completed in a timely and high-quality manner due to the mutual friction between departments.


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